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Top journalist and reporter Mark Anderson pinned the Foreword at the beginning of the book, some excerpts are shown here; he writes: 
—————“I’ve covered my share of health issues while working as an alternative-news political reporter and commentator during most of my 33 years of journalism, including reporting on Capitol Hill. Johnny’s book, in my informed opinion, provides the long-awaited protocols and recommendations that anyone can use to reach a level of health hitherto unknown to most people. In fact, I believe that this book knocks on the door of the aging process itself, since Johnny also explains in this book that each cell in the human body carries an electrical charge―and that mineral deficiencies and excess toxicity can severely weaken that charge. That’s nothing short of profound ——————But I may have underestimated his expertise regarding lab testing and the application of his findings to establish real health solutions for anyone, be it Maintenance or Recovery―which are the two key categories in this book. Under each category, Johnny details what people need to accurately and effectively assess, repair, maintain and improve their health while treating their body as a temple. ————the reward is a reorientation―a transformation―that could forever change medicine and dietary habits as we know them. I would even go so far as to say that, as a result of Johnny’s insights and protocols, a more graceful aging process and even longer lifespans, perhaps much longer, are distinct possibilities and even probabilities.”

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